I was scared but with SugoSure's support I’m now fully in control of my diabetes

KC started using SugoSure just 4 months after he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes at the age of 37. At that time his blood glucose had been brought under control but was not yet very stable.

When first diagnosed KC was very sad, disappointed and also afraid. In the following weeks KC dug up all the information he could find. While still scared of the long-term complications of unmanaged diabetes, KC gradually started to build his confidence that things could be brought under control.

“I learnt that can happen in the long term is really terrible, but I also learnt that this can be prevented so long as I know what to do.’

There was little in KC’s profile which would make him a high-risk candidate for diabetes – an active, lean working professional with no clear family history of diabetes. Although the diagnosis was initially a shock, KC saw SugoSure as a tool to help him learn about his condition quickly and fine tune his control – which was exactly how things turned out.

In his first 2 weeks using SugoSure, KC was surprised to log low BG readings before dinner. From readings which had previously been sky-high, high BG readings were now low, although not low enough for KC to have felt any symptoms from low blood glucose at the time. If not for SugoSure’s monitoring schedule perhaps he would only have found out about these low readings much later.

Hypo with chatbot

As things turned out, KC’s episodes of hypoglycaemia were promptly picked up by his doctor and health coach, who were alerted by SugoSure when his low readings were logged and could review all relevant data remotely.

It’s very important for a patient who has low blood sugar to know what to do at the time and also to know how to prevent this from happening again if lifestyle factors are a cause.

How reassuring to have your health coach call you when you have a hypo, make sure you are ok and guide you about what to do next! And to know that your doctor is keeping a close eye on you too. And to have access to the knowledgeable SugoBot to help you at any time.

Physician Remote Monitoring

KC’s doctor acted promptly with the benefit of SugoSure’s patient data: his medication dosage was too high and needed to be reduced.  His doctor informed KC about this through his app, which was so much more efficient than having to wait until his next consultation...

KC continued using SugoSure for nearly a year and found its data-driven approach very helpful in deepening his understanding of the effect of medication and lifestyle factors on his blood glucose. He has made small adjustments to his diet and has achieved the very tight blood glucose control goals set by his doctor.

Patient 3

Compared to when first diagnosed, a year later KC now feels fully in control - confident that he can maintain excellent control and reduce his long-term risk of diabetic complications very greatly.

“SugoSure’s data-driven approach, with its structure and graphs, is a very scientific approach which has helped me since I really want to control my diabetes well. I am am confident that I am now doing a good job”